NEXposture was founded in 2020 with the intent to promote dynamic sitting and healthy postures. The result was a highly customizable sitting machine that redefines ergonomics and comfort.

NEXposture's patented, adjustable sliding work-surface was designed to sync with an ergonomic chair to combat the neck and back pain caused by all-too-common computer slumping postures and lack of movement. Backed by licensed physical therapist and board certified professional ergonomist Marc Turina, NEXposture revolutionizes the chair and desk relationship.

We are located outside Grand Rapids, Michigan, a city known as the center of office furniture manufacturing, as well as the home of Gerald R. Ford, who became the 38th president of the United States.

Carrying on with local tradition, founder Keith McRobert worked for office furniture manufacturer Herman Miller as the Director of Seating and Ergonomic Product Management for almost 30 years.

NEXPosture Mission

Our mission is to provide people with health positive, exceptionally comfortable and enjoyable work environments, whether it's in the office or at home.

Questions That Led to NEXposture

There are many questions that led to the founding of NEXposture, but there are three that continue to drive our mission forward:

1. Why must we sacrifice comfort while interfacing with desktop technology? 

2. Why shouldn’t desktop technology adapt to our desire to move and assume health positive postures instead of us having to adapt to it?

3. Why should flat, fixed desktops limit the potential of today’s advanced ergonomic chairs?

NEXposture Design

NEXposture flips the script on how we interface with our computing technology by synchronizing the desk, chair and user. Now, people can be in control of their  technology instead of being subservient to it.

Welcome to a new reference point in workplace design, comfort and overall health. 


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