Revolutionizing the Desk & Chair Relationship.

Welcome to a new reference point in desking ergonomics, comfort and overall health.

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Desk Ergonomics and Comfort Redefined

NEXposture’s patent pending, adjustable sliding worksurface moves with your ergonomic chair to free you from your forward sitting slump and into healthful postures while maintaining preferred eye-to-monitor and hand-to-input device distance – no matter your posture.

Today’s ergonomic chairs effectively support movement and various postures – but today's desks do not. The desk and chair should work together as a complete ergonomic system – but they don't.

Our goal is to eliminate these disconnects by making the desktop dynamic and customizable for each distinct user. Imagine moving the desktop in a way that mimics your body and chair's active movement. 

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User Experience

"As a graphic designer, I spend most of my day in front of my computer, most often sitting with a bad posture. NEXposture allows me to adjust my position often, so I'm no longer dealing with the back pain and stiff joints that I experienced with my old desk. NEXposture has been a game changer for my day in the office!" - Mike K, KOW Design

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Rethink the Standing Desk

Height adjustable desks are key to establishing proper elbow height for computer keying and line of sight for monitor viewing. The preferred worksurface height for someone sitting who is 4' 9 tall may be 23" high while someone 6' 3" may prefer a height of 30".

It’s important to alternate between sitting, standing and walking, but standing for too long can contribute to swollen feet, lower limb muscle fatigue, leg cramps and low back pain. The key to standing is moderation, so active users of sit/stand desks may spend 25-30% standing and 70-75% sitting. Trouble is, sitting at the computer slumped forward for the majority of time while using a standing desk is far from healthful or comfortable today.

With the infinitely adjustable NEXposture, people can now healthfully sit, stand, move and take workplace comfort and health to a completely new level – 100% of the time.  

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Reviews: City of Grand Rapids, Michigan 

Forward Slumping vs. Reclined Postures

When slumping forward at a standard desk for 50% of the day, gravity increases the weight of the head and stretches (strains) neck muscles and tendons which can lead to injury involving micro-tears and swelling. It also adds 40% additional pressure to the lumbar region which often leads to low back pain and injury.

When assuming reclined postures with NEXposture, the neck flexes automatically to balance the head’s center of gravity above the bottom of the neck, reducing neck and shoulder muscle activity and strain. Even better, moving frequently between different levels of recline moves the neck and spine through its range of motion which reduces static stress and increases circulation.

 Customizable. Comfortable. Healthful. 

Compared to 90 degree upright sitting, semi-reclined sitting at 110-115 degrees is more comfortable & can reduce muscle activity & spinal disc pressure by 20%.

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This retrofit unit attaches to existing worksurfaces to create an accommodating desktop technology solution.

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Sit-to-Stand Base

This desk allows users to adjust the worksurface height while accommodating healthful seated postures and movement.


Mini-Mobile Base

This adaptive desk blends performance with compact size and mobility for the home office and smaller commercial offices.