How an Ergonomic Office Improves Employee Productivity

how does ergonomics improve productivity

How does ergonomics improve productivity?

Ergonomics affects our mood, and our mood affects our productivity and motivation to work. Therefore, having proper ergonomics in the office directly relates to our productivity in the workplace.

As comfort, cleanliness, and collaboration affect our mood, ensuring that our employees are comfortable increases productivity, workplace culture, and your company’s bottom line. 

Below, we outline the three main ways an ergonomic office can improve your employees’ productivity and your company culture overall. 

Good (and Bad) Ergonomics Affect Our Mood

As humans, we’re far more productive when we’re in a good mood. Whether it’s being more productive with our career or personal life, mood and productivity directly correlate with one another.

The connection between ergonomics and productivity in the workplace starts when ergonomics are sacrificed. Our mood is negatively affected when ergonomics are sacrificed. In a study by National Business Furniture, 54% of employees said an uncomfortable workstation, such as a chair or desk, makes them unhappy at work. 

When employees are unhappy, their productivity and quality of work are subsequently negatively impacted. Nearly one in two employees (47%) said their workspace influences their level of productivity, and 42% said their workspace influences their quality of work. 

Therefore, when proper ergonomics are sacrificed, our productivity lacks— research proves it.

Our Mood Affects Our Productivity

To positively impact our employees’ productivity, we must focus on keeping them happy and learn how ergonomics improves productivity.

Implementing simple strategies to improve job satisfaction can help increase productivity in the workplace. These strategies are the three C’s: Cleanliness, Collaboration, and Comfort. 


More than half of American workers said that having an uncomfortable workspace is the source of unhappiness in the workplace. As an entrepreneur, or leader in a business, we often forget about the positive impact proper ergonomics can have in our workplace. 


Keeping a workspace clutter-free is crucial in promoting job satisfaction. Encouraging employees to stay organized, as well as cleaning regularly with professional services, can help put your employees in a better mood at work. 


National Business Furniture states that 43% of American workers value having both private and collaborative areas to work. 

Therefore, businesses should incorporate collaboration through common spaces and meeting areas, as well as private spaces for employees to work independently.

Focusing on having an ergonomic workspace including the desk and chair, can greatly impact employee mood and productivity. 

Learn more from NEXposture’s Ergonomic Research here

Commitment + Ergonomics = Higher Productivity

So, how does ergonomics improve productivity? Nowadays, an ergonomic workstation is necessary to ensure employee productivity and low turnover rates.

NEXposture's patent pending, adjustable sliding work-surface was designed to sync with an ergonomic chair to combat the neck and back pain caused by all-too-common computer slumping postures and lack of movement.

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