Ask the Ergonomist: Why is NEXposture Better Than a Keyboard Tray?

Are Keyboard Trays Necessary?

The need for proper office ergonomics has accelerated in the past decade. With more people working in remote or hybrid-work environments than ever before, many office suppliers have started to answer the call with new products, such as keyboard trays.

Below, we detail what a keyboard tray is, its benefits and the edge NEXposture has over this type of ergonomic tool. 

What’s a Keyboard Tray?

A keyboard tray is a desk platform that is installed beneath your desktop. It’s designed to allow your keyboard and mouse to be positioned and adjusted independently from your desktop. 

Additionally, most keyboard trays can also slide under the desk entirely when not in use. So, are keyboard trays neccessary? And are they the best ergonomic tool you can use to combat neck, shoulder and eye strain?

Are Keyboard Trays Necessary? The Limitations of a Keyboard Tray

Although keyboard trays allow you to sit up straight in your chair and not overreach to your keyboard and mouse, Certified Professional Ergonomist and Licensed Physical Therapist, Marc A. Turina, MPT, CPE explains that:

“... a keyboard tray does nothing to maintain the distance between your eyes and your monitor. People find it difficult to read print on their monitor screen when they recline back in their chair using a tray because that distance has increased.”

When your eyes are too far away from the monitor, you’re unable to read the screen. If your eyes are too close to the monitor, you’ll experience eye strain. The goal is to find that optimal distance. Additionally, keyboard trays do little of nothing to promote constant seated movement.

How is NEXposture Better than a Keyboard Tray?

Unlike a singular piece of desk equipment which falls short with maintaining monitor distance, NEXposture is your all-in-one alternative to combating unhealthy postures such as the forward head, rounded shoulder (FHRS) posture. 

NEXposture does this by by providing the following advantages:

Eliminating Unhealthy Forward Slumping Postures

With your NEXposture desk, you’re able to position your desktop technology in a way that allows you to easily transition out of your forward slumping posture and into more comfortable and healthful postures while maintaining exact eye-to-monitor and hand-to-input devices distances.

Provides the Opportunity to Constantly Move and Change Postures

Additionally, our desktop technology allows users the opportunity to constantly move and adjust from upright to a working recline position. This is all done while maintaining preferred eye-to-monitor distance and hand-to-input device distance, no matter the posture. 

Offering Healthful Benefits of Reclined Sitting 

Most people have been told to “sit up straight” at least once in their lives which can be achieved with a keyboard. However, this isn’t the correct posture you should assume for long periods of time while seated at your desk. Studies have consistently shown that the best position to sit at your desk is reclined at about 135 degrees; not upright. 

Beyond the scientific advantages of a reclined posture, most people prefer to sit in a semi-reclined or reclined posture when engaging in everyday activities such as driving a car, sitting at a restaurant, and more. Where else, other than your computer, do you sit slumping forward for long periods of time?

NEXposture provides all of the healthful benefits of reclined seating and movement that help avoid health problems such as arthritis, heart disease, diabetes and more. 

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