Say Hello to a Revolutionary Standing Desk

Finally, a desk that allows you to stand, recline, and move!

Imagine moving your monitor and keyboard in a way that mimics your body and chair's active movement.

NEXposture’s adjustable sliding work surface frees you from your slumped position and into healthful postures while maintaining preferred eye-to-monitor and hand-to-input device distance – no matter your posture.


15+ Laminate, Size and Finish Combinations

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Adjustable for User Heights of Under 5’ to Over 6’4

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Supports Healthy Postures by Bringing Your Desktop to You

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One-Time, 7-Minute Easy Assembly

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Rethink the Standing Desk

Standing desks are great, but people still spend the majority of the day sitting—most often slumped forward to view the monitor.

Researchers found that people spend 50% of their time slumped forward when seated. This contributes to painful and expensive medical conditions, including spinal disk pressure, muscle damage and osteoarthritis.

There’s good news, though—healthful standing, reclined sitting, and constant movement, all while working, are now all possible with NEXposture!


Most Standing Desk Users Still Sit 70% of the Time

Did you know that slumping forward at the computer for 50% of the day has serious consequences, such as strained neck muscles and tendons, lower back pain, and even injury?

NEXposture frees you from your static, forward slumping posture and into healthful reclined postures and constant movement.

The result?
• Reduced Static Stress
• Increased Circulation
• Up to 25% Reduced Force on The Back and Neck


Don’t Get Your Wires Crossed

NEXposture Sit-to-Stand Desk Features Seamless Wire Management System

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The Standing Desk, Redefined

NEXposture didn’t invent the standing desk. However, we’re doing something even better—redefining it. Finally, a desk that not only allows you to stand, but accommodates comfortable and healthy sitting!

Backed by licensed physical therapist and certified professional ergonomist Marc Turina, NEXposture was founded in 2020 with the intent to promote dynamic sitting and healthy postures. The result is a highly customizable sit to stand desk that redefines ergonomics and comfort—all while maintaining a reasonable, attainable price. 

  • Original Price (including tax): $1,111.94
  • 15% off using promo code NEXPOSTURE15 + FREE shipping: $945.15

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Don’t Sacrifice Your Posture

Our mission is to provide people with health positive, exceptionally comfortable and enjoyable work environments, whether it's in the office or at home.

There are several questions that led to the founding of NEXposture, but three continue to drive our mission forward:

  • Why must we sacrifice comfort while interfacing with desktop technology? 
  • Why shouldn’t desktop technology adapt to our desire to move and assume health positive postures instead of us having to adapt to it?
  • Why should flat, fixed desktops limit the potential of today’s advanced ergonomic chairs?

NEXposture flips the script on how we interface with our computer by synchronizing the desk, chair and user. Now, people can be in control of their technology instead of being subservient to it.

Welcome to a new reference point in workplace design, comfort and overall health.

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